Executive Management Education

Business scholars teach lab professionals to lead a scientific community. In 2007, UChicago launched the Strategic Laboratory Leadership Program, which draws on expertise from the top-ranking University of Chicago Booth School of Business to develop future lab leaders, address succession planning challenges, and foster closer working relationships between Fermilab and nearby Argonne National Laboratory.

This program builds such management skills as strategic planning and commanding change and innovation, with an emphasis on effective leadership and promoting real-world application of new skill sets. Participants also complete a Chicago Booth executive education elective course aligned with personal development interests.

With over 100 graduates and an active alumni network, the program’s success attracts attention from other national laboratories. In 2011, UChicago welcomed staff from Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility to participate in the leadership program.

One Strategic Laboratory Leadership Program team brought together staff from three laboratories: (from left) Daniel Lopez, Corrie Clark, and Devin Hodge of Argonne, Rob Roser of Fermilab, and Mark Jones of Jefferson Lab.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business consistently ranks in the top five MBA programs in the country-often leading at number one.