Tuition Remission

Fermilab employees can send their children to one of the world’s great intellectual destinations: The University of Chicago. With a community that has earned more than 85 Nobel Prizes and a rigorous curriculum that empowers students to challenge the status quo, UChicago consistently ranks as one of the best universities in the country.

As a benefit for working at the lab, Fermilab employees whose children are accepted to the undergraduate College receive 50 percent tuition remission for four years. This benefit helps attract top talent with families to work at Fermilab.

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Nina Gnedin, tuition remission recipient and daughter of Fermilab scientist Nick Gnedin, is an economics major who serves as Vice President of Internal Affairs for the UChicago student group Women in Business, as well as Director of Internal Relations of the Blue Chips Investment Club.

Children of lab employees receive substantial tuition assistance to attend the University of Chicago.