Partnering for Greater Impact

Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall at sunrise. Courtesy of Fermilab

In 2007, Fermi Research Alliance, LLC (FRA), a joint partnership of the University of Chicago and the Universities Research Association (URA), was selected to manage and operate Fermilab on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy. From its founding in 1967, Fermilab has expanded humankind’s understanding of matter, energy, space and time, driven the development of cutting-edge technologies for scientific research, and trained the next generation of scientists. At Fermilab, thousands of scientists from universities and laboratories around the world collaborate to transform science and society.

FRA combines the finest scientific leadership with best management practices to support innovation and discovery at Fermilab that serves the national interest. University of Chicago and URA bring to the operation of Fermilab a combined 100-plus years of successful management and oversight of DOE laboratories.

University of Chicago provides intellectual synergies and direct investment in collaborative research, joint appointments, executive management training and other joint initiatives. Through URA’s Council of Presidents, 88 member universities are engaged in guiding the future of Fermilab and strengthening local, state and federal support for the lab’s mission.

FRA manages the laboratory through its Board of Directors, which consists of 15-plus academic and industry leaders who guide the operation and scientific directions of Fermilab.

Fermilab Directorate and Senior Laboratory Managers

The Fermilab Directorate provides the leadership necessary to support and advance the laboratory's scientific mission. This includes setting lab policy and program direction and ensuring support and funding for Fermilab. The Directorate ensures and oversees compliance with applicable DOE contract requirements, regulations, and laws and establishes and maintains excellent relationships with Fermilab stakeholders.

Inspired by corporate-governance models, Fermilab's senior management is headed by a team of senior leaders who are responsible for all projects, initiatives and operations at the lab.

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Arial view of University of Chicago campus

University of Chicago campus. Copyright Soaring Badger Productions

University of Chicago

One of the world’s great intellectual destinations, the University of Chicago empowers scholars and students to ask tough questions, cross disciplinary boundaries, and challenge conventional thinking to enrich human life around the globe.

University of Chicago is also noteworthy for having been the operator of the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory since its charter in 1946 through 2005, at which time the University’s wholly owned affiliate, UChicago Argonne, LLC, took on these responsibilities, guiding the lab to its present position of research excellence. In 2007, the University continued its national laboratory stewardship role as co-manager of Fermilab with Universities Research Association, bringing decades of leadership and experience managing national laboratories. University of Chicago, in combination with five Illinois leading research universities, provides partnerships in academia, business and government to help shape and amplify the powerful science programs at Fermilab.

Universities Research Association, Inc.

URA is a consortium of leading research universities primarily in the United States, with members also in Canada, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The not-for-profit URA corporation was founded in 1965 for management and operation of research facilities in the national interest.

From 1967 to 2006, URA was the prime contractor to the US Department of Energy for the creation and operation of Fermilab. In 2007, URA partnered with the University of Chicago to form Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, which now holds the Fermilab contract. Through URA’s Council of University Presidents, 88 U.S. universities are engaged in guiding the future of Fermilab.  International science leaders also serve on the FRA Board, bringing connections critical to international collaboration. In addition, the Board includes leaders in industry and science, as well as corporate executives.